Stella Cox goes back to nature and strips naked and paddles in the river nude

She is one of my favorite British girls, I love her slim body and huge natural breasts and that sweet smile she has. Yes, Stella Cox has long been a favorite of mine so when I got sent this gallery from Breath Takers to my inbox I just had to share it with you. It features the lovely Stella Cox going back to nature. The shoot takes place somewhere in the Bedfordshire country side and we get to see Stella wearing a lovely flowery skirt and blouse teasing us with quick flashes of her pussy as she lifts it up. Of course being such a naughty Brit she isn’t wearing any panties and why would she, she’s a free spirit in the middle of no where and she wants to be naughty.

After a while of teasing the guys with her bald pussy she eventually removes all of her clothes. Skipping around the woods naked she decides to have a paddle in the river. It is a beautiful gallery if I only got to see such a beautiful site in the woods near me but I’m no where near lucky enough. Seriously though, just look at how perfect her breasts are, not only are they huge for her frame but they’re also perfectly shaped and balanced.  Easily one of the hottest porn stars you or I will ever get to see. What I would like to of seen in this shoot – not that I’m greedy or lack imagination – is some open leg shots, she has a beautiful pussy unlike other girls that look abused and beat up, Stella’s pussy is near immaculate.

Gallery from: Breath Takers

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