Nude pics of Georgia Ames in the back of a car

Nothing is better on a skinny body that a giant set of beautiful breasts and that’s exactly what Georgia Ames has to show off. She’s just gotten out of temple and that time of day always gets her a little worked up. There’s just something about the buttoned up nature of the service that speaks to her naughty side. If anyone in the building could see into her thoughts, she’d be excommunicated immediately. The amount of filth that runs through her head in the silence of the holy place always has her running back to her car for sweet relief.

Once the parking lot is empty and she’s alone, it’s time for her body to greet the sun. She peels off each and every layer until she’s completely nude in the public space. She could wait until she gets home, but doing it here just makes it all the naughtier. Her nipples are always the first to get the attention. With such a nicely plump pair, it’s never difficult to get them into her mouth. If no one else is around to suck them, she’ll just have to do it herself. The it’s time to visit her own holy place and hope no one catches her before she finds herself.

Gallery from: Zishy

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