How to become a stripper?

Are you thinking about becoming a bucks party stripper? You need that extra money and you feel like you’ve got some skills in moving your hips and seducing customers? Well we are here to help you and guide you through this journey.
At first, it won’t be so cool realizing that you are doing something like that but you should go with the flow and accept your reality because after all, it will be fun, and you will have a hell of an experience.

First of all,
You should pick the club where you want to perform. There are three types of clubs: the luxurious gentlemen’s club where businessmen go for the after-work and important meetings are held, such clubs have high selection standards so you have to be an experienced exotic dancer. The local club in the neighborhood where all the local guys go for a beer or a lap dance, selection is easier in these clubs and you can make good money. And finally, there are the budget bars who hire any girl just to keep the business going, they are not recommended unless you are a desperate homeless girl looking for pennies.

After choosing your club, start collecting information about it and about the atmosphere inside it. You can go there as a customer during the shift you are willing to perform in and ask yourself whether you like it or not, because if you don’t like it as a customer, you will never like it as a stripper. You can also ask the manager about their selection criteria and the available shifts. Ask as many questions as you can to make sure that will regret nothing after you get hired.

Now, it is time for starting
Go buy these stripper dancewear and especially those high heels from a local store, and start performing by yourself at your place. Do rehearsals, choose choreography for some music and try some new moves, maybe you can attend some pole dancing lessons, they are really helpful and they will absolutely boost your performance. After you feel ready, just hit the club and make an audition, seduce the manager with your moves and he will absolutely hire you.
Congratulations, you got hired, what will you do now?

This step is so important because it will introduce you to the business, the tops and flops of this job and you will discover by yourself the strippers’ world. Well, first, you should choose a shift, the most recommended shift is at night, usually after 8pm when the club becomes fully crowded and parties are thrown. With many people going crazy for you, you shouldn’t get shy, just do your moves and you will rock the crowd. Some customers will try to touch you even though it is illegal but you should accept this fact. Your first week is going to be hard for sure, but you will get used to stuff like this. Focus on improving your stripping style and look for new moves, train yourself at home and go make money.

At the end, what’s most important?
You joined this field for money, and then make sure that the money is safe, the club will help you get a license to practice your profession legally and a lot of procedures need to be done. In addition to that, safety is a priority, so don’t get into serious relations with customers. Just do your job and enjoy it!

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