Cam to cam sex chat with a chubby girl from Jackson, Mississippi

I don’t know how many of you read my reviews, but if there is one thing that I love more than anything on Chaturbate, it is those girls that try and get turned on ‘in secret’ e.g. somebody is sleeping next to them or in a nearby room. For Babycat, she still lives with her parents. I have booted up her webcam and her parents are asleep next to her room. Of course, this has not stopped her shoving a Lovense into her vagina and asking for people to tip her. Click here to see her in action.

I think it is fair to say that Babycat is on the chubbier side of things. So if yo like chubby cam sex then you’ll love this girl. She has a good set of hips on her if I must say so myself. Unlike many of the other girls that you see on Chaturbate, she really seems to be enjoying herself when somebody tips her too. The best part is that she has a decent ‘rate’ for her Lovense. Many of the girls that I have seen on Chaturbate tend to have high minimum tips to get their Lovense to vibrate for even a couple of seconds. Her? You tip 1 token and it will vibrate at a medium intensity for a good while. I love doing this. It really turned her on. Based on the amount she was shaking and the smile on her face, I can only imagine just how wet it was making her pussy.

Since she was in her parent’s house when she was on cam, she had a strict ‘no touching’ rule. Although, to be honest, I don’t think she could have been turned on more than she actually was because of the amount of tips that she had coming through. She should have just touched herself to be honest. It would have made the chat that much more exciting (although, to honest, she was exciting as it was). of course, let’s not forget that she loves to sext pussy pics too, which is always a plus for me.

The main problem I had with watching her tonight was the fact that she was trying to be quiet. However, based upon the limited amount she was interacting with people in the room, you could tell that she had a lovely personality. If you caught her at a time that she was home alone, I can guarantee that she would really be trying to make everybody in the room smile. To be honest, even though she had an amazing pair of tits, her smile and the way she fucked the bed every time she got a tip was epic. By the way, if you like chubby girls then check out this chubby cam slut from England, she’s gorgeous and really gets excited when you jerk off and let her see.

Honestly, I have written a lot of reviews for girls on Chaturbate. Over the years, I have watched hundreds, if not thousands of ladies. I have tipped most of them too. Babycat, based on the way she looks alone, is easily one of my favorite ones on the website and I have a feeling that is likely going to be one of my favorites for many, many years to come. Check her out. You may catch me hanging in the room on occasion! She’s online and waiting for a cybersex buddy.

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